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Spaghetti Dinner August 27. 5:00 pm St. John Hall
Faith Formation classes begin Week of September 18
Honey Creek Festival October 9, 2016

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Faith Formation Announcements








 Our Parish Just Got FORMED!


We are excited to announce that our parish has subscribed to a dynamic new online platform called FORMED. Every parishioner will have 24/7 access to the best Catholic content on any device, including your computer, smartphone and tablet with internet access. With FORMED you'll find video programs that explain the Catholic faith, explore the deepest meaning of marriage, receive Bible studies on a variety of topics and includes inspiring audio talks.
Here's how easy it is to get FORMED: click on the link above or go to www.FORMED.org. You should see the registration box for parishioners. Now type in the parish code: b155b. Now set up a username and a password. Now you are all set to use all the great programs on FORMED.org anytime by simply logging in.
If you have any questions please contact the Faith Formation Office at 830-980-2268 ext. 259


ELEMENTARY FAITH FORMATION 2016-2017 Registration forms   Formas en Español  

Classes begin the week of September 18, 2016.
Have you registered? Faith Formation Early Registration has ended! 
All registrations will be assessed a $25 late fee.  Registration will close August 31, 2016.  Please pay special attention to page three, the Family Commitment Form. In an effort to support the Domestic Church and your vocation as parents, we are offering many opportunities to enhance your Spiritual Growth.  All Registration Forms can be submitted to the Parish Office or the Faith Formation Office. Please contact Sue Torres with any questions at storres@stjoseph-honeycreek.org or by phone at 830-980-2268, ext. 211. 

ADULT FAITH FORMATION FALL 2016 OFFERINGS More information/Registration form 

ADULT CONFIRMATION CLASSES FALL SEMESTER 2016 Candidates must be 18 years or older and have already completed Baptism, Reconciliation and First Communion. Please contact Charles Noll at cnoll@stjoseph-honeycreek.org or 830-980-2268, EXT 210. for additional information. Classes start on October 2, 2016 Registration Forms

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN BECOMING A CATHOLIC?  There is a place for you, here with us.  As an adult, you become Catholic through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA).  RCIA will meet weekly during the upcoming year, beginning in September.  Our meetings will last approximately 1½ - 2 hours on Sunday mornings.  Each week, we will discuss different topics to deepen our understanding of the Catholic faith.   This class time will be a time to question and research where and how the Church got her authority and why Catholics believe as they do. You will be guided and supported in the faith through instruction. If you or someone you know would like to learn more about becoming Catholic, contact Charles Noll at 830-980-2268, ext. 210.






News Headlines
  • Men's Discernment Retreat


  • Miryam Dinner

  • Widows Ministry

    St. Joseph Honey Creek is starting a Widows Ministry. We want to support and help those widows who would like to meet other widows and share the difficulties they may be facing or anything they may be experiencing. These are times of uncertainty. Being alone is a challenging experience but we have faced it. Sharing what we have done-and can do is a way of healing. In numbers, there is strength. We welcome all widows who would like to join us. The first meeting will be on September 7, 2016 at 1:30 P.M. in room 201 in the education building.
    Please contact Karen Rose at (830) 336-2183 home number or (210) 381-7552 cell number or e mail address rose111@gvtc.com if you have any questions.

  • Stephen Ministry

    They  Are Among Us
    No, we are not talking about angels or aliens! We are talking about individuals who care about others. The Scripture describes their service well:  Remember those in prison as if you were their prisoners, and those who were mistreated as if you yourselves are suffering " Hebrews 13:3.
    If you are interested in learning more about Stephen Ministry, you can contact Judy Pawelek at 210-279-2799 or svmotherof5@yahoo.com. If someone you know is facing a crisis, large or small, and could benefit from the caring presence of a Stephen Minister, call or email Judy or Karen Hughes at 210-685-2602. 

  • Donation Counters Needed

    If you are looking for a great way to volunteer your time and talent, please consider joining the St. Joseph Donation Counters team. Once a month you will help the Church count the weekend contributions. If you are interested, call the Parish office, or send an email to Ron Frei at rfrei@stjoseph-honeycreek.org. No experience needed to join this very important Parish Ministry.

  • St. Joseph-Honey Creek Festival News

    "The harvest is plenty, the laborers are few." Won't you please share your time and talents by participating in our upcoming Festival? This is THE largest fundraiser for our St. Joseph Community and EVERYONE is needed so that it will truly benefit all of our ministries and those we serve! The first thing needed is volunteers! We will have sign-up sheets in the bulletin soon. Please consider giving a small amount of time to this wonderful festival.
    Other things needed for a successful festival are donation items for the raffle, the Live and Silent Auctions. Donated items should be new, unused items, tickets for entertainment, vacations, gift cards, electronics, outdoor items such as grilles, lawn furniture, just to name a few. Cash donations are also appreciated so that we may purchase additional items.
    Raffle Prize donations deadline is August 8. This is a shortened time schedule this year. This will allow time to prepare, print and distribute the raffle tickets with the prize information on them. Auctions Items can be donated beyond that date. The Festival Committee will determine in which auction (Live or Silent) the items will be featured.

    Here are some other areas that need donations:

    1. The Rummage/Recycling Sale; Books, toys, school supplies, clean household items, office items, sports equipment, luggage, etc. No clothing, computer equipment or old wide box/Heavy TVs.
    2. The Bake Shop; Home-made baked goodies

    Opportunities for all...can you help with any of the following?
    September 28 - Kitchen prep (9:00 a.m.)
    October 1 - Dining Hall and Booth Prep day (7:30 a.m.)
    October 8 - Potato Peeling (6:30 a.m.)
    October 8 - Final Festival se up (7:30 a.m.)
    October 9 - Festival 10am- 4pm
    October 10 - Post Festival Cleanup (7:30 a.m.)


    For more information or to volunteer or donate, please contact Norma Head at nwhead@hotmail.com or the Parish Office at 830-980-2268


  • Country Store Booth

    The Catholic Daughters of America would appreciate your donations for the Country Store at this years Parish Festival. There will be boxes at the downstairs entrance and foyer of the church. Thank you so much!!

    Cans of chicken breasts
    (12.5 oz)
    Cans of Cherry and Apple pie filling
    Jams and Jelly
    Sugar cookie mix
    Funfetti icing with sprinkles
    Chocolate chips
    Packets of cornbread mix, biscuit mix, etc.
    Pot holders
    Dish towels

    Interested in becoming a member of CDA? Contact Carmen
    Hanshaw at (713) 882-3672. Next meeting: Sept.6!!!


  • Dollar Club

    Coming July 30 - 31


    Support 33 Seminarians

    With just $1 a month

     Currently there are 33 seminarians in formation. The annual living and educational cost for each seminarian is about $50,000. Therefore, the total annual requirement is $1.6 M., so the need is great.

    To fill this need, St Joseph Knights of Columbus Assembly 3439 in coordination with the Archdiocese of San Antonio have formed the Dollar Club. This is new in the Archdiocese and started right here at St Joseph-Honey Creek.

    You can help each seminarian, by simply donating a $1 a month. All proceeds go directly to the Seminarian Formation Endowment Fund that supports the living and educational expenses of our seminarians. This should not be confused with the Assumption Seminary Fund, which is solely for the operation of the Assumption building.

    Seminarian Formation Endowment Fund (as stated on the Archdiocese of San Antonio web page) in partnership with the Catholic Community Foundation - an autonomous pious foundation based here in San Antonio, we have developed the Seminarian Formation Endowment Fund to meet our continuing financial needs in forming our seminarians. Because of the nature of the Endowment, each dollar donated continues to raise further funds in perpetuity, making the endowment the perfect way to ensure future resources for priestly formation.

    Each parishioner and, if possible, their family members are encouraged to join the Dollar Club by donating $1 a month or a one-time donation of $12. Donations can be made during the second collection on July 30/31. Make checks payable to St Joseph with a Memo: Dollar Club.

    For more information contact Steve Hanshaw at 281-900-6198



  • Arts & Crafts Donations

    ARTS & CRAFTS BOOTH NEEDS YOUR DONATIONS: Each year, we ask our parishioners to help us with donations they have made and items that we could use. This year we could use the following items to help us: Fabrics: large enough to make aprons & table cloths, masculine, children, seasonal prints, etc. If you have any of the following: sparkle yarn, new spools of thread, straight pins with head or flat straight, grapevine wreaths, Christmas wreaths, and items to make these such as flowers, ornaments, wired ribbon and two inch ribbon all occasions, pillow forms all sizes, novelty buttons, floral tape, floral wire, modge podge, insulbrite for pot holders, and jewelry findings and beads. Don't forget the wonderful homemade items you make. Please brings items to us 10:00-2:00, Room 106, at the Education Building on Wednesday's or call us if you need items picked up. You can leave at the office, as it gets closer to festival time, Oct 9, 2016. Please put your name, phone number on your donation. For more information or to make arrangements for pickup, please call Lisa Young, 830-885-6708 or Joana Alexander, 830-336-2602. Thank you.

  • Key Check-out

    Notice to all Ministries and Leaders, please notify the Office of the Business Manager during normal business hours Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, by phone or e-mail if a key to any of the Parish Facilities is needed. It would be a good idea to plan ahead as much as possible for this request. Thank-You. - Jimmy Loredo, Business Manager.

  • Archdiocesan Firearm Policy

    For the peace of mind of our church family, we want to inform you that individuals may not enter church property with a firearm. We appreciate your compliance with this policy.





    This Policy does not prohibit clergy from lawfully and securely possessing a weapon in their residence which may be owned, leased, or operated by the Archdiocese, nor does it prohibit an individual from possessing a firearm in a locked vehicle parked in or traveling through a parking area.


  • Respect Life

    Respect Life and Word of Life members welcome all parishioners to begin praying the "Rosary of the Unborn" every Friday before Mass, promptly at 7:30am. We will have a few booklets available with the "special mysteries." If you are interested in having your own personal Unborn Rosary and booklet then please see Mary Mac Gittinger after Friday Mass or go online to the Archangel Gabriel Enterprises Inc. at www.rosaryoftheunborn.com. We look forward to praying with you!

  • Neighborhood Net News

    St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church - Honey Creek has experienced tremendous growth since 2006. As a result, the parish found itself faced with the challenge of maintaining a close community. In response, in 2012 a large Neighborhood Net Ministry was created that was then divided into 67 individual Neighborhood Net groups ranging from 20 to 30 families each in order to cover the entire Parish Community. The essential purpose of each Neighborhood Net is to extend hospitality, evangelization, community life, and pastoral care to every parishioner. We welcome every newly registered family into active participation in our community life at both parish and neighborhood levels. We strive to answer the call of God to live and spread his word through our community.

    Our neighborhood nets have engaged in a variety of activities ranging from attending to the needs of the sick and the home bound to picnics in the park, attending Mass as a group with lunch or dinner afterwards, attending a Lenten Fish Fry hosted by the Knights of Columbus and Catholic Daughters, and more in an effort to foster a sense of close ties.

    What is Neighborhood Net?
    A ministry that you can be part of without leaving your neighborhood!  The parish has been divided into 67 groups of 20-30 families, called a Net Group.  You belong to a Net Group based on where you live.  Each Net Group is facilitated by a Neighborhood Coordinator.

    What is required of me?
    This is simply an offer to you to meet your neighbors.  Welcome your Neighborhood Coordinator into your home, then meet the parishioners who live near you.  You may be surprised how many parishioners live nearby.  Smile and wave at each other as you drive or walk by.  As time goes on, support each other in living a Christian life and pray for each other's needs.

    Who is my Neighborhood Coordinator?
    A fellow parishioner who volunteered to cast a net over every registered parishioner in their Net Group.  We have asked them to build relationships with every parishioner in their Net, and to be a conduit of information flow between the Parish and you.  You should have been contacted by your Neighborhood Coordinator.  If you don't know who your Coordinator is, call the Parish Office 830-980-2268.

    Want to help out?
    Contact your Neighborhood Coordinator and offer your help.  If there's a vacancy in the Neighborhood Coordinator position, prayerfully consider whether you can take it on.  It's a great way to be active in a St. Joseph - Honey Creek ministry without leaving your neighborhood



  • Recollecting Our History

    We are seeking individuals with any memories, photos, or personal knowledge of the original décor of the St. Joseph Day Chapel, prior to Vatican II.  The ornate altar and side altars, tapestries, paintings, and pews are displayed in the photograph.  If anyone has any information regarding the changes that were made, the whereabouts of any church artifacts we would love to hear from you.  Please contact the Parish Offices at 830-980-2268, with any information.

  • 2015 Pastoral Council Operational Objectives


    FY 2015 Pastoral Council Operational Objectives


    THE NEW EVANGELIZATION: Proclaiming the Good News with joy, zeal, and renewed spirit!

    Goal A:  Increase Mass attendance by 10% by 10/31/15.

    1.    Determine numerical baseline of Mass attendance by 10/31/14.

    2.    Explore communication channels to ensure we are advertising to fullest potential.

    3.    Call in all resources for special Masses such as Easter, Christmas, funerals, baptisms, and weddings.  Include inviting materials in the bulletins and schedule extra greeters to extend hospitality.

    4.    Host an Archdiocesan event such as bring a friend to Mass campaign or an event for fallen away members.  Host an evening of prayer dedicated to this goal.

    5.    Reach out to families with more events such as the Advent wreath making workshop.  Host a meet and greet during Faith Formation classes.

    6.    Host homecoming events for ACTS, college students, founding families, etc.

    Goal B:  Improve parish ministry participation and diversity to better reflect and involve the parish community by 6/30/15.

    1.    Determine the number of participants and demographics of members in each ministry to create a baseline by 2nd quarter.

    2.    Challenge each ministry head to create, execute, and monitor an action plan for increasing participation and diversity within their ministry by 3rd quarter.

    3.    Explore having a more detailed ministry list to allow parishioners to better discern how to best serve their community.  Consider hosting ministry fairs for English and Spanish-speaking parishioners.

    4.    Improve The Steward as a newsletter to provide timely articles and focus on the life of the parish.


    Who:  Pastoral Council (Casey Pawelek - Lead, Rudy Gonzales, John Sondergaard, Stephanie Abshire)



    CATECHESIS AND FORMATION: Growing in our faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ!

    Goal A:  Look for opportunities to increase youth and adult participation by 15% in FY 2015, and have all catechists and leaders in education achieve Level 1 training or be enrolled in Level 1 training by end of FY 2015.

    1.    Elementary - In the 2013-2014 Faith Formation sessions, we had 320 children enrolled.  93 made their First Communion.  By the end of the year, 51 children had either stopped attending or had more than 8 absences.  Use these numbers not only as a baseline for future growth, but in an effort to sustain attendance and encourage new registrations.  Use attendance records to actively track participation in weekly formation classes.  Follow up when absences occur in an effort to sustain participation.  Contact registered parishioners with children to invite them to enroll in Faith Formation classes as well as other program offerings such as VBS, sacramental prep, and altar serving.  Offer more opportunities for parental involvement in Faith Formation activities by inviting parents into formation classrooms.  Invite families to Advent and Lenten Family Gatherings.  Host a year-end celebration for Faith Formation families.  Continue the Faith Formation Lenten Reconciliation Services.  Increase communication to families via our annual Faith Formation Department postcard.  In addition, create and send a "Baptismal Anniversary" postcard to school-aged children inviting them to enroll in Faith Formation classes. 

    2.    Middle School - EDGE to organize another Ropes Course and Team Building program at John Newcombe Tennis Ranch in an effort to build relationships that lead to even greater interactions amongst EDGE and Traditional Faith Formation participants.  Continue to reach out to the Traditional Faith Formation Sunday sessions as well as the Spanish-speaking Middle School community in an effort to increase participation in the extracurricular events such as Back to School Bowling, Christmas Caroling Service Project, Middle School Day Retreat, Youth Serve, and Just5Days.

    3.    High School & Young Adults - Leverage 15% growth in participation at Sunday evening High School Faith Formation and leverage 35% growth in Wednesday evening High School Faith Formation due to utilization of materials such as Theology of the Body and having smaller groups to continue to grow.  Increase new events including, but not limited to, Alternate Spring Break/Project Haiti and Young Neighbors in Action.  Triple attendance to the Life Teen Camp Covecrest this summer to over 40 from 12.  Implement new materials in September 2014 that will radically change Sunday evening dynamics from large groups to smaller groups as well.  Use the Y Disciple program to form intentional disciples of faith per the Archbishop's call.  Offer an additional session Sunday afternoons to accommodate more participants in small groups while offering new additions of monthly prayer retreats. 

    4.    Adult - Build on current Bible Studies offerings plus add 2 new courses/classes.  Continue Catholicism in classroom setting and Theology of the Body Archdiocesan course, and integrate Symbolon/Augustine Institute into RCIA/RCIC and sacramental prep while offering on-line and classroom learning program for these groups as well.  Provide Bible as a gift to all RCIA/RCIC candidates so as to support their learning of our faith.  Maximize ACTS retreat attendees and plan to utilize ACTS team through 1-on-1 contact with retreatants monthly throughout the year to evangelize.  Continue with plans to develop an ACTS Core Team.  Work with Adoration team to help increase Adorers through tapping into other ministries and increase marketing of this opportunity.  Increase marketing and awareness of Catholic Relief Services to increase $7,000 raised and attract more people.  In addition to new programs being offered, work with IT to develop a far-reaching marketing plan using all tools available through print and media, contact all church ministries to educate about AFF and introduce new programs, send 6-8 people to Symbolon/Augustine Institute Archdiocese Leaders Training, send 3 people to National Catholic Bible Study Conference Leader Training, and recruit and train new facilitators to expand class offerings.

    5.    All - Take inventory by developing a roster of all leaders in education (i.e. catechists, youth leaders, Bible study leaders, Spanish prayer group leaders, etc.) within the parish identifying each person as achieving at least Level 1 training, as enrolled to complete Level 1 training, and as need to enroll to complete Level 1 training.  Directors of Faith Formation to lead communication campaign around the value of Level 1 training to all under their direction, and ensure progress is made towards enrollment and completion throughout FY 2015.

    Goal B:  Double vocational awareness activities in 2015 and identify at least 2 candidates committed to entering the seminary and 2 candidates committed to entering the convent by end of FY 2015.

    1.    Revitalize the Vocations Promotion Committee as Mary Ann Matteson or Sandy Graham will recruit and reform this committee to enact these goals and work towards new, future goals.  The plan is for the committee to meet once in August/September, October, November (November 3-9 is Vocation Awareness Week), January, and April to divide the action plans (meeting at least twice will double the amount of times committee met last year).

    2.    Purchase or build traveling crucifixes so that there is one available at each weekend Mass for a family to take home.  At each Mass on weekends, have Father Pancho offer traveling crucifix to anyone willing to take home for a week and pray for vocations.  Doing so will drastically increase participation around prayer for vocations in FY 2015. 

    3.    Offer a traveling crucifix chest to the Neighborhood Nets at the first meeting of fall 2014.  A volunteer from the Vocations Promotion Committee will head this effort, each participating N. Net will sign up for one month out of the year, families in that N. Net will collectively pray for vocations for that month by passing the chest from family to family.   This new facet to the ministry would yield 100% growth in participation.

    4.    Organize Spiritual Adoption of Seminarians, our Pastor, and our parish Deacons amongst the Faith Formation classes for the 2014-2015 school year (could also introduce this to Neighborhood Nets) by having a volunteer from the Vocations Promotion Committee head this effort so that each class has someone to pray for and send cards of encouragement to throughout the school year.  This would also be a new facet to this ministry so any participation will yield a 100% growth.

    5.    Organize times for Pastor to speak to the parish youth and young adults twice per year by having a volunteer from the Vocations Promotion Committee coordinate with Faith Formation Directors.  Pastor is willing to participate in as many youth and young adult events as possible to help identify and support candidates for the religious life.  Advertise Pastor's availability to speak with individuals or groups within the parish as well regarding Vocations, but emphasize parents need to discuss Vocations with their children through promotion/distribution of materials.  This effort would be a new facet to the ministry so any participation would yield a 100% growth.

    6.    Continue to organize monthly prayer hours for prayers for vocations during Eucharistic Adoration.  Mary Ann Matteson or another member of Vocations Promotion Committee will lead this effort, and maintaining this activity will yield constant participation as opposed to growth.

    7.    Re-offer the vocations promotion dinner again.  Mary Ann Matteson or another member of Vocations Promotion Committee will lead this effort, and maintaining this activity will yield consistent participation as opposed to growth.


    Who:  Pastoral Council (Paul Barton - Lead, Bob August, Bud Baie, Jayne Turnipseede), Mary Ann Matteson, Sandy Graham, Rick Zapf, Charles Noll, Sue Torres



    STEWARDSHIP: Embracing as a Way of Life through time, talent, and treasure!

    Goal A:  Revitalize the Neighborhood Net ministry to foster outreach to all parishioners, to promote hospitality, to encourage Mass attendance, and to promote gatherings.

    1.    Fill all Neighborhood Net Coordinator vacancies with those with a heart and charism for Net coordination, train new coordinators, and encourage each coordinator to find/select a backup.

    2.    Promote and advertise the Neighborhood Net ministry, and recognize Neighborhood Net activities and successes at weekend Masses.

    3.    Schedule Father Pancho to visit every Net over the course of a two-year period.

    Goal B:  Eliminate debt on existing church while starting to research capital campaign amount for discussion of Vision 20/20 Family Life Center.

    1.    Encourage participation in the debt reduction goals so as to more quickly be in position to launch Phase II.  Begin with placement of banner showing debt reduction.  In future, show progress on Facebook, bulletin, and website.

    2.    Sub-committees will also be instrumental in the research, planning, and implementation of the Family Life Center as the Building Committee is already meeting, the Capital Campaign Committee is forming, and the Town Hall Meeting Committee will survey the entire parish.

    3.    Visit other parishes to see how their Family Life Center fits into the life of their parish.

    4.    Plan in advance with input from the different ministries as to how they see their ministries' growth and needs for the future.


    Who:  Pastoral Council (Maryetta Schmiedekamp - Lead, Ed Andrade, Lorie Kolacny, Larry Engbrock), 


  • What is Neighborhood Net?

    WHAT IS NEIGHBORHOOD NET?  A ministry that you can be part of without leaving your neighborhood!  The parish has been divided into 65 groups of 20-30 families, called a Net Group.  You belong to a Net Group based on where you live.  Each Net Group is facilitated by a Neighborhood Coordinator.

    WHO IS MY NEIGHBORHOOD COORDINATOR?  A fellow parishioner who volunteered to cast a net over every registered parishioner in their Net Group.  We have asked them to build relationships with every parishioner in their Net, and to be a conduit of information flow between the Parish and you.  You should have been contacted by your Neighborhood Coordinator.  If you don't know who your Coordinator is, call the Parish Office.
    WHAT IS REQUIRED OF ME?  Welcome your Neighborhood Coordinator into your home, then meet the parishioners who live near you.  You may be surprised how many parishioners live nearby.  Smile and wave at each other as you drive or walk by.  As time goes on, support each other in living a Christian life and pray for each other's needs.
    WANT TO HELP OUT?  Contact your Neighborhood Coordinator and offer your help.  If there's a vacancy in the Neighborhood Coordinator position, prayerfully consider whether you can take it on.  It's a great way to be active in a St. Joseph - Honey Creek ministry without leaving your neighborhood.


  • Historical St. Joseph Day Chapel Video

    This historical video, which discusses the origins of our parish and the history surrounding the building of the St. Joseph Day Chapel, is narrated by Bryden Moon and was produced by Tom Brod in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the construction of this Hill Country treasure.


  • My Own Church

    St. Joseph - Honey Creek now offers web access to our parishioners through My Own Church. Members can submit online registrations, edit their family or member information, add a new family member, upload a family photo, view their contributions, and more. For more information about My Own Church, download the user guide or contact parish office at 830-980-2268.

  • An Opportunity to Help in Times of Great Need

    If you are looking for an occasional day to spend with friends and help fellow parishioners, please consider volunteering to serve on the Bereavement Committee.  We are looking for additional volunteers to assist in preparing/setting up meals for funerals in our parish.  Please contact Janie or Don Kellner at 830-885-5652 for additional information.

  • Free Pictures Available Online

    Pictures taken during various activities at St. Joseph-Honey Creek, and at other parish events are now available to download for free in the Gallery section of our parish website.

  • Music Ministry Taking Requests

    Have you ever wanted to hear a particular song during the Mass, or thought that something more could be added to the music ministry to make it more effective in the Eucharistic Celebration? We are all ears! Please contact Director of Music, Rick Ramirez,  at 830-980-2268, ext. 207, with any suggestions you might have to make our music ministry even more effective in praising our Lord!

  • Need Someone to Listen? Try a Stephen Minister!

    Stephen Ministry provides a confidential, one–on–one Christian care to individuals in our congregation and community who are experiencing difficulties in their lives.  These difficulties may include the loss of a loved one, divorce or separation, the loss of employment, incarceration, a terminal illness, and many other challenges.  A Stephen Minister could be assigned to provide spiritual encouragement during these difficult times by listening, praying, and walking with you in Christ.


  • Welcome and Congratulations

    Congratulations To Our Newly Baptized

    Patricio Flores-Castillo, Diana Miranda, Sophia Rojo, Isabella Saenz, Cesar Gutierrez Jr., Julian Beltran-Montoya, Natalia Gonzales, Valeria Rosales, Kristi Rodriguez


    Congratulations To Our Newly Married

    Gerardo Garcia & Jennifer Swisher
    Santos Verdin Jr. & Kandace Newton


    Welcome To Our Newly Registered Parishioners

    Mr. and Mrs. Larry Alvarado, Mr. Jose Barbosa and Alejandra Calvillo,
    Sr. Bernardo Cabrera y Sra. Teodora Vazquez,
    Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Hart, Mr. and Mrs. Eric Harvey
    Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Heusinkveld, Mr. and Mrs. Jaime Hincapie,
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Journagan, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Lester,
    Sr. and Sra. Jose Luis Martinez, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Newton,
    Mr. and Mrs. Ismael Vasquez, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ottea

    Where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them. -Matthew 18:20





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