Commissions / Ministries


It takes all the legs of a stool holding their share of the weight and being synchronized for the stool’s purpose to be served.  If any one of the three legs is weak and breaks or is not the correct length everyone loses.

Such is the situation in our church.  There are three legs that hold us up.

One leg is the Pastor and his staff – responsive, compassionate, dedicated, service oriented, helpful, professional and knowledgeable are some of the adjectives that we expect.

Another leg is the Pastoral Council which gives feedback and recommendations to the Pastor, looks at the “big picture” and does strategic planning for the future of our church.  Some of the adjectives here are:  listeners, spokespersons, long range thinkers, advocates, and leaders.

The last leg is the lay minister volunteers who do the work for the community of worshipers through their time and talent.  Some adjectives here would be:  dedicated, giving, generous, committed, responsible, and caring.

No leg is more important than the other – all are essential.  The other vital ingredient is how these three legs work together to operate the Parish, allow us to accomplish our mission and achieve our vision.  Here you will find the method to do that — it is the Commission Structure.

A commission is a group of people assigned to accomplish a specific goal.  You will notice that there is a staff person responsible for each commission in our parish and some staff within each commission to lead specific ministries.  The Pastoral Council member(s) act as a liaison and report commission status at the Pastoral Council meetings.

The next breakout is the ministries within each commission with the leader(s) of each ministry identified.  Also you will see the mission statement (what they do) of each Commission and each ministry.  We want all our parishioners to know who does what within our parish to allow them to know who to contact to get information or services.

We are blessed to have competent, professional and dedicated individuals in all the legs.  We thank you for serving in your particular role.  If you are not now involved in a ministry, we are asking for your time and talent.  Please contact the appropriate leader if you have questions, comments or need services.