Electronic Bill Pay Setup

Sample Setup Guide for Electronic Giving "BILL PAY"

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This process is based on using your personal Online Banking service. Although each Bank may use different terms for the items listed below the basic information should be directly translated.

Section 1. Have you registered at your bank to use Online Banking?

- Yes, you have registered, continue with Section 2.
- No, you should contact your bank and request online access to your
account(s). The bank will guide you through the setup process.

Section 2. Setup your Bill Pay (Electronic Giving)
a. Start your Web browser and select your bank website address.
b. Enter your User Name
c. Enter your password
d. Click on the Log In button.
e. Select the option to "Pay Your Bills".
f. Add St. Joseph as your Payee to make payments to:
   (only necessary to add one time)
    1. Enter Payee Name: St. Joseph Catholic Church
    2. Enter Payee Address: 25781 Hwy 46 West
    3. Enter Payee City: Spring Branch
    4. Enter Payee State: Texas
    5. Enter Payee Zip Code: 78070
    6. Enter Payee Phone Nbr.: 830-980-2268
    7. Enter Account Number: Your Envelope Number

Enter Payment Information:
g. In the "Pay To:" box select on St. Joseph Church.
h. In the "Memo" box Enter the word "Donation".
i. In the "Send On" box, Enter the start date for the first Donation.
j. In the "Amount" box, Enter the amount of your Donation.
k. In the "Pay From" box select on the Bank Account to use for this Donation.
l. "Would you like to make this a recurring payment?"
    1. Click on No - if this is a one time donation.
        - Click on Next to continue with Verification.
    2. Click on Yes - if this donation is to occur on a regular frequency.
m. In the "Frequency" box, Select on option of occurrence.
n. In the "Until" box, Select on When to End option.
o. Click on Next.

p. Verify all information entered
    1. Click on Back button to correct any information.
        - Return to "Enter Payment Information"
    2. Click on Submit button to accept this information.

Setup Completed.