Giving Electronically

“The Only Check I Still Write Is To My Church!”

Have you or someone you know made that statement?  Well, the solution is Online Bill Pay.  As you prayerfully consider your stewardship of treasure promise to St. Joseph, online payment may help you achieve your goals.  Online Bill Pay has grown to become the No. 1 method of bill payment for Internet-connected households.  For those of you not using Online Bill Pay, this method can help you manage your bills and practice stewardship at the same time.

How to Set Up Your Contributions to St. Joseph through Your Bank

Setting up online payments is easy to do with your bank or credit union.  The service sends money from your account to whomever you wish.  Your institution will print a check and mail it to your recipient or send it electronically.

Logon to your bank's Online Bill Pay website and setup a new payee for St. Joseph Catholic Church – Honey Creek.  Copy the church address and add your donation envelope number as the account number.  After setting-up the payee, each time you want to pay, you will just enter the amount of your payment (donation) and you are done.  The bank will print and mail a check that will debit money from your account.  You can preset the amount for recurring payments consistent with your promise, e.g. weekly or monthly, or you can do it on an individual transaction basis.  Now you are in control and you don't have to write that “only check” ever again!

Other Donations/Second Collections

When you want to donate for a specific purpose, e.g. St. Vincent de Paul, Assumption Seminary, etc., again, put your envelope number as the account number followed by the purpose, e.g. account number 0000 SVDP.  In this manner your total donation to the church gets credited and the money deposited in the account of your gift choice.

Payment for Pastoral Services and Ministries

An additional convenience of this method is that it will allow payment of fees for Faith Formation, ACTS retreat, etc.  In these cases rather than listing the envelope number as the account, list the purpose only, e.g. Faith Formation.  This will prevent the amount from being confused with donation money, but still allow you to avoid a manual check for these transactions.

Benefits of Online Bill Pay

In each of these transactions you are in control and no financial account numbers are revealed.  We are aware there are third party systems which can take money from your bank/credit union account and electronically transfer it to the financial institution of your choice.  This involves revealing your account number and bank routing numbers and leaves the possibility of being compromised.  We do not want to go there.

Instead, we encourage these benefits with your bank's Online Bill Pay:

Convenience – There are no checks to write, no stamps to buy, or trips to the post office.

Save Money – Online Bill Pay is free for most accounts.

Control – Know when and where your money is going by securely transmitting your payment.

Save time – Avoid last minute check writing by scheduling payments in advance and setting up recurring payments.

Again, the method explained is an electronic check from your bank/credit union account and incurs no fees for you or the church.

We encourage everyone to consider electronic giving/payment  

To promote the unity in thanking God for our many gifts during the offertory time at Mass, we will continue with the envelopes and add a box to check on the envelope that will indicate: "we give electronically".  We all enjoy witnessing our parish children participate in this very important portion of the Mass.  We encourage you to embrace Stewardship as a Way of Life, developing the need to give generously back to God's Church to thank Him for His many blessings and gifts. 

If you have questions or want more information, please call the Parish Office at: 830-980-2268.