Giving Treasure

The Stewardship of Treasure invites us to see our financial resources as gifts from God and asks us to make a response based on our being grateful. 

The more we are aware of being blessed, the more we want to express our gratitude.  St. Joseph is our patron and the steward of God's greatest gift to us - Jesus, the Christ.  Let us model ourselves after his worthy example by being good stewards of the Church which Christ gave us.  As good stewards we:

  • Recognize everything we have as a gift from God
  • Give praise and gratitude for the gifts we have received
  • Desire to make a grateful response
  • Give a percentage of our income to the Church
  • Follow through on our commitment (using the weekly envelopes helps keep us focused on Stewardship).

All parishioners are asked to make a promise of treasure to the Church, fulfilling our intimate relationship to Christian discipleship. 

We have a rich tradition of responding faithfully to special collections for missions, the Archbishop's Appeal, etc. We need to extend this tradition to our weekly support of St. Joseph - Honey Creek, our spiritual home. We ask you to prayerfully consider how you can realign your household budget to give back to God some of the first fruits of the financial resources He has given you and your family.

St. Joseph - Honey Creek needs a commitment, or promise, from you to give a portion of your treasure to help pay the bills, pay down the debt for the current church, and budget for future needs, both in facilities expansion and in expanded ministries to parishioners.

Although the first call for Promise Cards was completed in November 2010, you may complete your Promise Cards at any time. If you experience a change in financial status, such as promotion or loss of job, you may submit a new Promise Card.

Please give prayerful consideration to increasing the amount of your financial support of our Parish. 

Your contributions to the church cross a broad spectrum that must be considered when you prayerfully make your decisions regarding the giving of treasure:

  • Promise Card for Weekly Donations: This is your promise for weekly contributions to St. Joseph-Honey Creek. Please fill out your Promise Card to allow the Pastoral and Finance Councils to plan a parish budget for the year and then use your weekly envelopes to fulfill your promise.
  • Special Collections: These are second collections during Mass for special intentions such as Priest and Religious Retirement, St. Vincent de Paul, churches in the Holy Land, Missions, etc. Check your monthly envelope packet for upcoming collections.
  • Archbishop's Appeal: Every spring the Archbishop seeks a one-time donation or monthly commitment to support his outreach programs to our neighbors, including Catholic Charities, Catholic Relief, new churches, etc.

How do I begin my personal Stewardship journey?

  • Pray every day for the Holy Spirit to guide you in your stewardship of treasure efforts.
  • Make a commitment to share the first fruits of your treasure through weekly, bi-weekly,  monthly contributions, or some other periodic term. (Electronic payment is also available.)
  • Document your commitment on the Promise Card (download a copy through the quick link for Your Promise Card.)

Stewardship Suggestion

We always hear that tithing consists of 10% of our income.  Certainly that is the ultimate goal and a wonderful goal.  Realistically, most of us are trying to increase our giving little by little to reach a higher level.  We are encouraged, however, to give proportionately to our income and our blessings and to move up to and beyond 10%.  Our initial goal for our parish is for everyone to consider giving at least 5% of their income.  If you are not able to currently give that amount, then we encourage you to increase your giving each year until you reach this goal.



Annual Income 5% 7% 10%
$20,000 $20 $27 $39
$30,000 $29 $40 $58
$40,000 $39 $54 $77
$50,000 $49 $67 $97
$60,000 $58 $80 $116
$70,000 $68 $94 $135
$80,000 $77 $108 $154
$90,000 $87 $121 $174
$100,000 $97 $135 $193
$110,000 $106 $148 $212