Ministry & Service Commission

The Ministry & Service Commission coordinates the ministries that provide care to meet the special needs of parishioners.  The ministries include:

  • Arts and Crafts Group
  • At-Home Prayer
  • Bereavement Meals
  • Couples' Retreat
  • Marriage Enrichment / Covenant of Love
  • Guadalupe Ministries
  • Prayer Quilt Ministry
  • Rosary Guild
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Stephen Ministry
  • Transportation for Special Needs
  • Vocation Promotion
  • Widows Ministry
  • Holy League
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Arts and Crafts

The Arts and Crafts group, as part of the Catholic Christian family of St Joseph – Honey Creek, meets regularly to create and prepare various articles to sell at parish functions that benefit our Church.

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At Home Prayer

This ministry is for parishioners who are on the Care & Prayer list, homebound, elderly, or otherwise unable to perform other ministries.  The focus is the great call to prayer.  The call will be to pray weekly, Fridays at 3:00 pm, if possible, to commemorate the time of our Lord's death.  To have a large number of our parishioners praying at the same time for the same intention will be powerful.  The intention may change from month–to–month.  Individuals on the team will be notified (e-mail/phone/postcard) toward the end of each month what the intention for the next month will be.

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Bereavement Meals

At the request of the bereaved family, members of this ministry ascertain the amount of food that will be needed in order to feed the immediate family as well as their friends and neighbors at a gathering immediately following the funeral service. The food is prepared by numerous volunteers and includes salads, meats, vegetables, condiments, tea, coffee, and desserts.

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Marriage Enrichment / Covenant of Love

The Marriage Enrichment Ministry works to help create and foster a stronger marriage community at the parish level.  This ministry will provide opportunities to become educated on marriage in accordance with Church teaching and it will enrich good marriages.  It will advocate for the dignity, sanctity, and permanence of marriage, and most importantly, it will be a vehicle to provide practical tools for couples to successfully and joyfully live out God's plan for their vocation of marriage, in turn giving them encouragement and hope in their marriage relationships.

Guadalupe Ministries of St. Joseph

The members of this ministry will organize and support the cultural celebrations and activities such as the celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Posadas, and the booth at the Parish Festival, that all contribute to the spiritual and community development of the Spanish speaking members of the parish.

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Honey Bee Prayer Quilters

Are you interested in sewing, ironing, cutting, coordinating colors and assembly of material?  Then you will love the St. Joseph Prayer Quilt Ministry.  These quilts will be made for parishioners who are chronically ill,  in the hospital, and also for those at the Veterans Hospital.  These quilts are being made to give the individuals comfort and healing as they are covered with love and prayers in each stitch.  The group will meet on Thursdays after daily Mass, from 10:00am - 2:00pm.

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Rosary Guild

The Rosary Guild promotes Marian Rosary Devotion providing rosaries to many parish groups like the RCIA, hospital visits, First Communion, Baptisms, and the parish chapel.  The Guild improves understanding of the rosary through formal and informal instruction.  Special projects include regulation approved rosaries for the troops overseas and teaching anyone interested how to make mission rosaries and chain rosaries.

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Spiritual Direction

The Spiritual Direction Ministry consists of individuals trained by St. Peter Upon the Water to perform the duties of Spiritual Direction for members of our Parish.  Spiritual Direction is help given by one Christian to another which enables that person to pay attention to God's personal communications to him or her, to respond to this personally communicating God, to grow in intimacy with God, and to live out the consequences of this relationship.

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Stephen Ministry

This ministry provides a confidential, one–on–one Christian care to individuals in our congregation and community who are experiencing difficulties in their lives.  These difficulties may include the loss of a loved one, divorce or separation, the loss of employment, incarceration, a terminal illness, and many other challenges.  A Stephen Minister could be assigned to provide spiritual encouragement during these difficult times by listening, praying, and walking with you in Christ.


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Transportation for Special Needs

The Transportation for Special Needs Ministry provides transportation for shut-ins or parishioners who are unable to transport themselves for necessary trips such as going to doctor appointments, picking up prescriptions, or buying groceries.  The intent is not a “taxi service for conveyance”, but to take care of those who just do not have an option or cannot afford the hiring cost.  The area of coverage is local to San Antonio area.

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Vocation Promotion

The Vocation Promotion Ministry fosters a “culture of vocations” through prayer, invitation, and service.  By inviting every person in our parish to be an active participant in the vocation effort, we work to promote vocations from St. Joseph – Honey Creek and world wide.

Visit the Vocations Corner!

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Holy League

The Holy League of Men is an avenue by which men of all ages can grow in their understanding of how God is calling us to defend our families, our values, our lives, our faith against the moral evils that this world continually places as obstacles toward our goal of reaching Heaven. Men devoted to doing all they can to grow in their strength and capacity to Love and protect themselves and their loved ones from the pressures and evils of this world.
The Holy League will meet the first Friday of every month.

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Widows Ministry

Widow Ministry is here to support and help those widows who would like to meet other widows and share the difficulties they may be facing or anything they may be experiencing. These are times of uncertainty. Being alone is a challenging experience but we have faced it. Sharing what we have done-and can do is a way of healing. In numbers, there is strength. Widows Ministry will meet first Wednesday of every month.

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