Parish Display Cabinet

Have you noticed that we have a historical display cabinet in the vestibule of our church?  After being crafted by one of our parishioners, Michael James, this beautiful cabinet was given a prominent position in our church lobby (September, 2009) to help tell the rich story of St. Joseph Catholic Church-Honey Creek.  The cabinet artifacts and pictures are changed approximately every three to four months - so keep on the lookout for the next presentation.  While there are many historical stories under consideration, we are listing themes that are planned for 2013 and beyond.  If you have any old materials that are related to St. Joseph's past, and you would like to loan or gift them to St. Joseph (for our archives and possible use in future display projects), please contact  the Parish Office.


Past display themes:

1876 -1892 Circuit Priests at homes, chapel and cedar churches served the Honey Creek Community

- Images of the Kneupper Chapel, G. F. Kunz's house walls, first cedar churches

- German surnames lifted from 1876 St. Joseph's baptismal listings

- Candlesticks from Kneupper Chapel

- Circuit Priests - copy of 1885 letter

 1890's - Time of great change (1892 - 1898): (April, 2010)

- St. Joseph-Honey Creek moves to a new site

- New wooden church is constructed

- First Resident Priest

1899 - 1908 Father Draessel rolls up his sleeves: (August, 2010) 

- Twin Sisters Mission church

- Chapel of Immaculate Conception

- Planning for new stone church  

1909 - 1913 Rock Church Construction: (March, 2011) 

- Planning for new stone church  

- Original Architect's Documents  

- Blueprints that don't quite match?

- Earliest Known Photo of Old Rock Church

- Archdiocese report on debt

Post Old Rock Church 1913 Construction - The interior: (July, 2011) 

- Oldest design feature in the old rock church?  

- Beautiful Altars - pre-Vatican Council II   

- Gifted Stained-Glass Windows

The New Roman Missal: (November, 2011) 

- See the Weekly Sunday Prayers (changed weekly)

- Our German Roots - Old German-Latin Missal

- Beautiful Artwork from the new Missal

Solemn Communion: (May, 2012)

- Learn about the Hill Country ceremony

- Antique pictures of parish children

- Relics from past celebrations: prayer book & candlestick holders

Immaculate Conception Chapel: (October, 2012)

- Oldest remaining campus building - estimated date of 1904/1905

- Series of events that led to its construction and designation

1913 View of St. Joseph's Campus: (July, 2013) 

- New Rock Church

- Old Wooden Church Converted to School


- Father Draessel named the new school St. Anthony's

1913-1933 School Days - Sisters of teh Divine Providence: (December, 2013) 

- Old Wooden Church Converted to School

- Sisters from the Congregation of Divine Providence



- The teaching sisters lived in the rear of the School house


Current display theme:

1933-1950 More School Days - Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament: (June, 2014) 


Future display themes: (anticipated date of introduction) 

The Life of Father Draessel: (November, 2014)

The Death of Father Draessel - 1932: (May, 2015)

Our Deacons: (October, 2015)