Embrace Stewardship as a Way of Life

Join us on our journey to thank God for His many blessings by striving to make stewardship our way of life. 

Christian stewardship can be identified by several meaningful characteristics;  the most important is that it strengthens our relationship with God.  It is a way of life, not a program that has a beginning and an ending, and it leads us to share a portion of our time, talent, and treasure so that the Good News of Jesus Christ may be shared.

We call each parishioner of St. Joseph Catholic Church - Honey Creek to a deeper understanding of and participation in stewardship of time, talent, and treasure as a way of life. By faithfully contributing financial resources, our gifts, and our presence, we will answer the call of God to bring the saving gift of Christ to our Texas Hill Country community, to our nation, and out into the world.

For every baptized Christian, stewardship is part of our vocation of discipleship. 

Everything we have is a gift from God. 

Simply stated, stewardship is an expression of gratitude to God.  It reminds us that we are the administrators, and not the owners, of our assets.  It fills a need deep within us to worship God and to thank Him for the abundant blessings He has showered upon us.

We invite you to prayerfully reflect on the gifts of your time, talent, and treasure that you are able to share.  The quality of our Parish programs, ministries, facilities, and outreach to the needy is determined by the support we receive from you.

As our parish grows - so do our physical and spiritual needs.  St. Joseph-Honey Creek strives to meet these needs, but we need your time, talents, and financial support.

St. Joseph Catholic Church - Honey Creek has been truly blessed with generous parishioners who have contributed their time, talent, and treasure throughout the last 134 years.  The string of historical buildings that we admire today is the physical manifestation of St. Joseph - Honey Creek's spiritual evolution.  From our 100-year old buildings, to our newest church building, we can only imagine the sacrifice of physical labor, materials, and financial resources that were gifted to the parish.  We are the heirs to this legacy of spiritual commitment. 

Today we enjoy a rich and diverse culture here at St. Joseph that is enhanced by each parishioner bringing their different experiences and heritages with them.  We are no longer only ranchers and farmers, but also represented by all professions, careers, and backgrounds.  The number of parishioners has doubled in the last four years.

The number of ministries offered to meet our parish needs has grown along with our population; over 50 are now available.  They need your active participation to reach all who can benefit from them.  Click on the quick link for Giving Time or Talent to find the best ministry match to share your God-given talents.

Along with a church that fits our physical needs come responsibilities of increased upkeep, landscaping, lighting, electrical cost, and other things that naturally go with an expanding parish site.  Stewardship of Treasure invites us to see our financial resources as gifts from God and asks us to make a response based on our being grateful.  Click on the quick link for Giving Treasure for information on ways to assist the parish financially.

Stewardship is a way of life, having the heart to give back an appropriate portion of every gift that has been entrusted to us by God.

How do I begin my personal Stewardship journey? 

  • Pray every day for the Holy Spirit to guide you to active stewardship of the many gifts He has bestowed on you.
  • Then, take that leap of faith:
  • Share your time and talent by getting involved with a ministry.
  • Share your treasure by filling out a Promise Card and following through with your weekly donations.

By giving back to God in thanksgiving, you live your faith and make your spiritual home a better place for all.  It is how to do your part in continuing the legacy we have inherited from those who have gone before us here at St. Joseph - Honey Creek.