The St. Joseph Choirs

Adult Choir

Mass: Saturday 5:00 pm
  Sunday 8:00 am
  Sunday 10:00 am
Rehearsal: Thursday 7:00 pm

Members of the adult choir celebrate the Eucharist as instruments of God.  Holding an integral place within the liturgy music serves to unify and heighten the Word of God.  Liturgy literally means the “work of the people.”  Those with years of musical experience, as well as those less experienced, contribute to the liturgy in this active expression of faith.  Contemporary as well as traditional hymns are prepared for the celebration of the Eucharist.  By fostering a tradition of musical excellence and emphasizing liturgical and communal participation, we become living instruments through which our faith moves and speaks and ultimately brings the Gospel to life.

Life Teen Choir

Mass: Sunday 5:00 pm
Rehearsal: Wednesdays 7:00 pm

The LifeTeen choir of our parish holds an exciting and vibrant opportunity for those wishing to participate in this holy ministry.  Songs of contemporary and traditional hymnal faith bring to life the word of God and help deliver the message of His holy Word.  This program is designed to give young people a strong foundation in musicianship and choral technique as well as provide fun fellowship in praising our Lord.  We follow the guidelines of liturgy, musical excellence, and communal participation.  The LifeTeen choir also incorporates drums, electric bass, and acoustic and electric guitar, bringing new life to older songs and keeping true to the contemporary songs.  LifeTeen Liturgies, XLT (Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and Adoration), and other occasional events are also offered.

Spanish Choir

Mass: Sunday 12:30 pm
Rehearsal: Sunday 12:00 pm
(30 minutes before Mass)

As Mary and Joseph were immigrants, so, too, are we in our life journey. We are truly blessed to have a multi–cultural / multi–lingual community, diverse in heritage and deeply rooted in Catholic tradition, where we share our story of pilgrimage in faith from age to age and generation to generation.  For those seeking to celebrate and share the Holy Eucharist and the Word of God in Spanish, we have the Spanish Mass.  This is a lively celebration which inspires active communal participation through liturgy and the music ministry of the Spanish Choir with percussion, acoustic guitars and joyous voices singing praise to our Lord.

Christmas / Easter Choirs

The “grander scale” liturgical events in our music ministry are Christmas and Easter.

The Adult Christmas Choir and the Adult Easter Choir sing traditional as well as contemporary seasonal hymns of praise, leading the congregation in active participation.  These are always fun, inspirational events for the congregation as well as the choir.

The Children's Christmas Choir uses the gift of music to glorify their Maker and deliver the message of God's love to the community.  The Children’s Christmas Liturgy is always a special, and memorable, Mass as the children function as song leaders, bringing the Gospel to life with fun and inspirational hymns in the holy Christmas season.  This is an opportunity for the children to participate in their faith in a very active and vibrant way.