Directory of Staff & Volunteers

Father Servando Guerrero Spanish Mass Mailbox
Father Francis McHugh Pastor 830-980-2268 Mailbox
Joana Alexander Arts and Crafts Mailbox
Martha Alonzo Administrative Assistant - Faith Formation Mailbox
Jackie Baer Rosary Guild Mailbox
Kim Barton Respect Life Ministry Mailbox
Paul Barton Men's ACTS Mailbox
Neil Berry Capitol Improvement Mailbox
Glen Bliss Deacon Mailbox
Susie Boss Sacristan Lead 830-980-7938 Mailbox
Mike Brady Ministers of Hospitality (Ushers) Mailbox
Dan Cummings Lectors Mailbox
Carolyn Denny K-5 Catechist Representative Mailbox
Annette Douglas Women's Prayer Group: Hands & Voices Mailbox
Max Engel Bible Study: James/Psalms Mailbox
Ronald Frei Parish Bookkeeper / Business Office (830) 980-2268 ext. 205 Mailbox
Tammy Frost Women's ACTS Director Mailbox
Glen Glenewinkel Pastoral Council/Liturgy Commission 830-980-3279 Mailbox
Jill Golla Altar Server 210-452-0198 Mailbox
Rudy Gonzalez Knights of Columbus 8521 Mailbox
Steve Graham Bible Study: Revelation Mailbox
Carmen Hanshaw Catholic Daughters Mailbox
Steve Hanshaw Knights of Columbus-Assembly 3439 Mailbox
Justine Hernandez Adult Faith Formation / Facility Scheduling / Adult Faith Formation: Facility Scheduling Mailbox
Gloria House Social Committee Mailbox
Ed Jarvis Social Justice Ministry 210-535-9484 Mailbox
Chandra Kelley Cub Scouts Mailbox
Don Kellner Bereavement Meals Mailbox
Janie Kellner Bereavement Meals Mailbox
LeAnna Kosub Mailbox
Annette Lake Bible Study Mailbox
Santiago "Jimmy" Loredo Business Manager 830-980-2268 ext. 268 Mailbox
Ashley MacShane MOM Ministry Mailbox
Denise MacShane Art and Environment  
Dawn Magers Scouting Mailbox
Tania Maher Pastoral Council Secretary / Faith Formation Commission 210-216-4331 Mailbox
Larry McGray Bible Study / Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion Mailbox
Joe McNaul Bulverde Food Pantry Mailbox
Santos Medina ACTS Spanish Women Mailbox
Norberto Mendez ACTS Spanish Men Mailbox
Rose Mendez Administrative Assistant - Communications 830-980-2268 ext 258 Mailbox
Freddy Mireles Deacon / Sacrament Prep - Baptism (Spanish) Mailbox
Janie Mireles Spiritual Direction / Sacrament Prep - Baptism (Spanish) Mailbox
Eddie Molina Athletic Fields Mailbox
Billy Moore Capital Improvement Mailbox
Lillian Moore Bible Study/Pastoral Council/Ministry & Service Commission Mailbox
Mark Morkovsky Capital Improvement Mailbox
Gerry Nickells St. Theresian Community Mailbox
Charles Noll Director of Middle School Faith Formation - Edge, RCIA, RCIA adapted for Children, ACTS (830) 980-2268, ext. 210 Mailbox
Jeff Oliver Pastoral Council / Ministry & Service Commission 830-388-9302 Mailbox
Cindy Organ Bible Study Mailbox
Cindy & Jerry Organ Eucharistic Adoration Mailbox
Casey Pawelek Pastoral Council; MOM Ministry Mailbox
Judy Pawelek Stephen Ministry 210-279-2799 Mailbox
Mike Pawelek Deacon (830) 980-2268 ext. 266 Mailbox
Mike and Judy Pawelek RCIA/RCIA adapted for children Mailbox
Cindy Payne Bible Studies Mailbox
Susan Perez Vacation Bible School Mailbox
Eubaldo Quiroz Finance Council Mailbox
Imelda Quiroz Parish Receptionist (830) 980-2268 Mailbox
Rick Ramirez Director of Music / Choirs / At Home Prayer (830) 980-2268 ext. 207 Mailbox
Karen Rose Widows Ministry 830-336-2183 Mailbox
Matt Schima Festival 2018 Mailbox
Elvis Schmiedekamp Finance Council Mailbox
Dennis and Terry Simmons Bible Study Mailbox
Carol Smith Altar Society/Flowers 830-980-7907 Mailbox
Cathy Sondergaard Bible Studies Mailbox
Linda Specht Bible Studies Mailbox
Kim Stanzione Christmas Pageant Mailbox
Victoria Steward Bible Studies: Spanish Mailbox
Jannie Tadlock Pastoral Council / Stewardship & Development Commission  
Terry & Judy Temple Eucharistic Adoration / Society of St. Vincent DePaul Mailbox
Sue Torres Director of Elementary Faith Formation / Faith Formation (830) 980-2268, ext. 211 Mailbox
Ray Tovar Holy League 210-269-3177 Mailbox
Ellie Towe Eucharistic Minister to the Homebound Mailbox
Joan Werner Prayer Quilt Ministry Mailbox
Matt Wohlfeil Knights of Columbus Blood Drive Mailbox
Lisa Young Arts and Crafts Mailbox
Rick Zapf Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry / Teen Confirmation / Teen ACTS / Young Adults (830) 980-2268, ext. 253 Mailbox